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A Quick Guide to Carbon Auditing for Farmers

By Tom Morris-Eyton BSc

You don’t have to flick far through the Farmers Weekly to find the word ‘carbon’ or ‘emissions’. They are the buzz words at the moment and seem to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Two years ago the NFU made a commitment for British farming to be Net-Zero. They introduced three main pillars to become Net Zero – boosting productivity, carbon storage and nature-based solutions and then renewables and the bioeconomy.

What should I do on my farm now?

You can’t measure what you don’t know! The first step should be to do a carbon audit of your farm. This will not only tell you what your emissions and the amount that you sequester are but it will also hopefully provide some useful business data for you.

Analyzing these figures might enable you to unlock some efficiencies and see if there are any simple changes that can be made. Manipulating your carbon figures can be an interesting exercise to see how changes will affect your business.

There are so many different Carbon Auditing programmes to use – which one is best?

There doesn’t seem to be one that is better than another but here at Moundsmere Estate Management, we tend to use The Farm Carbon Toolkit for our clients as it seems to be relatively user-friendly.

What information do I need to conduct a Carbon Audit of my farm?

In short, the more information you have the better. Information such as cropping, fertiliser and spray usage, soil tests, woodland, hedgerows, environmental scheme areas etc would go a long way to producing an accurate report.

I have a very diversified farm – how is the Carbon Audit going to work?

The best thing to do here is to split the businesses/ enterprises up, so that you can analyze them on their own and then bring them all together to produce a whole estate audit.

How we can help with your Carbon Auditing

At Moundsmere Estate Management we can either help advise on what you may need, or we can help you through the whole process and talk you through the results.