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Increase In Government Support For Off-Grid Domestic Homes

Some good news for our tenants with oil-fired central heating.

Last week the chancellor announced an increase in the alternative fuel payment to £200 for all off-grid domestic homes that use fuels such as heating oil. He has also announced a £150 payment that will be available to all non-domestic customers with a top-up for larger users. The Domestic Alternative Fuel Payment of £200 will be made in the New Year.

The government’s recent announcement confirmed that the mechanism to receive the fixed payment to heating oil users will be made via their electricity bills.

Government’s formal words: The government will double to £200 the level of support for households that use alternative fuels, such as heating oil, liquified petroleum gas, coal or biomass, to heat their homes. This support will be delivered as soon as possible this winter. The government will provide this payment to all Northern Ireland households in recognition of the prevalence of alternative fuel usage in Northern Ireland.


Why is the Government Support Payment going into my electricity bill and not my oil bill? Through multiple discussions with the government, it became clear that due to the nature of the heating oil market with customers holding multiple accounts through different distributors and outlets, a quick method of payment through these accounts without duplication was not possible.

How does the government know I’m an oil user? There is a national database which is shared between both the electricity and power companies.

What if I’m not with an electricity company? Eligible customers that do not have a relationship with an electricity supplier will be supported through an alternative route to make sure they do not miss out. Details of this alternative route will be confirmed by the government shortly.

When will I get my Government Support Payment? This money will appear in your electricity account in the new year.

How will I get my Government Support Payment? As a heating oil user, the government will automatically pay the Government Support Payment into your electricity bill.