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What Every Landlord Needs to Know About Referencing Tenants

We’re sure every Landlord in the UK understands the importance of referencing. What you might not know however is how much of a difference there is between run-of-the-mill referencing practices and those undertaken by the best referencing providers.

A good reference is not an expense – it is an investment.

Good quality referencing is the first line of defence against renting your property to an unsuitable tenant. With so many regulations now in force for a Landlord, it is something that really should be taken seriously. It is essential that all Landlords are aware of the importance of carefully carried out referencing and the impact it has on tenancies, not least that tenants have the right to lawfully live in the UK.

Failure to undertake a Right to Rent under the Immigration Act 2014 can result in a fine or even a jail term, so it’s important that references are conducted thoroughly.

Many agents offer in-house referencing on tenants however, here at Moundsmere Estate Management Ltd we have been using Reference My Tenant since 2013.

Reference My Tenant

Not only does the owner and founder of the business have a hands-on role, but the integrity and thoroughness they apply to the referencing of our tenants is unquestionable. The rigorous knowledge and processes they follow to carry out this task properly are extremely impressive! The team is not only very approachable and friendly, but they possess fantastic knowledge. They also have a million and one processes in place to trigger crucial checks on a case-by-case basis to protect our reputation and the assets of our clients alike.

They compliment our business extremely well.

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